Our commitments

We are working to reduce our ecological impact and welcome you in an environmentally friendly place.

énergies vertes

Green Power

Rensiwez is almost CO2 neutral, we consume 90% green energy, more than half of which is produced on site. This policy allows us to avoid the release of more than 200 T of CO2 into the atmosphere per year.

Hydroelectric production: we have just restored the old mill and produce 90,000 Kwh/year, which is the equivalent of 40 households (excluding heating and sanitation)

Wood heating: 240 steres/year

Pellet heating: 12500L of pellets / year.



1. We do not use any pesticides or insecticides for the maintenance of our green spaces.

2. We have decided to replace the lawns with flowering meadows. These, in addition to being very beautiful :-), generate a particularly rich biodiversity.

3. We have replanted hundreds of native and varied plants throughout the site.

gestion des déchets

Waste management

For the collection of our waste, we have decided to work with a private company so that our waste can be recycled in the best way.

We therefore ask our customers to sort their waste properly!