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There are so many things to do and see in the Ardennes… 

Here are our favorite cultural activities to discover the heritage of our region. Have a good discovery!

The Tobacco Route

The Semois Tobacco Route is a circuit made up of 2 routes to be followed by car in the communes of Vresse and Bouillon.

The aim of this tourist route is to highlight the last witnesses of tobacco growing, which for more than a century gave rhythm to the life of the people and the landscapes of the region. A real work of collective memory and safeguarding of an intangible heritage has been achieved.

Bouillon Castle

The Chimney at Bohan

In the Member-Bohan National Park, the rocky ridge to the north sags into a succession of picturesque and bizarre monoliths. A tiny path, sometimes carved into the stone, runs through these geological curiosities and leads you to this rock which is called “Chimney”.

From these summits, you can see the Blanches Roches massif and the wild ravine dug by the Sautou torrent on the other side.

From these vantage points, one has the impression that one is at the beginning of the Creation of the World, at a time when civilisation had not yet made its appearance.

Ardoisalle in Alle – in the meanders of the slate subsoil

Slate mining in Alle-sur-Semois is a very old story that began three hundred years ago.

During one hour, you will discover the mysterious corridors, the fairy-tale rooms, the stone scaffolding and the emerald green water table. Everything here has been shaped by the hand of man. To complete your discovery, a thematic room among the “Scailtons” tools will explain the extraction of the shale, the shaping of the slate until it is laid on the roof. And to share your emotions, a cafeteria will welcome you and show you a film about slate extraction.

Laforêt, one of the most beautiful villages in Wallonia

This label, awarded on 7 October 1955, is richly deserved because Laforêt is one of the rare villages in the southern Ardennes that has kept its former character.

Vresse, village of art

Dozens of painters have set up their easels in Vresse and the surrounding area. Some were attracted by the beauty of the place and came here to seek inspiration. Others settled in the region; some even came from there. Today, a dozen artists still live in the Lower Sémois.

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